The Hot 12 Show #28

D Duane introduces Zendaya and presents the return of Beyonce and Keith Sweat to the countdown. 12 of the hottest hits in the nation plus the spotlight shines on Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam! Get ready to turn it up Y’all!

The Hot 12 Show #25

Wow! D Duane is closing out the year with a bang as he presents the hottest Hip Hop and R & B today mixed with some of the best Old School Music ever recorded! This show, as always, is bangin! Check it!

The Hot 12 * Show #24

D Duane introduces a new artist, Tory Lanez as well as the hottest music on the market today! Not to mention a spotlight featuring TLC and even some classic Old School!

The Hot 12 * Show #19

Here comes another countdown of the hottest music of today mixed in with some great old school and some funny stuff to make you laugh as well. D Duane knows how to lay it down!
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