The Hot 12 ** Show #39

Hot fun in the summertime as D Duane counts down the hottest hits of the summer! Featuring a new artist spotlighting “McArthur” As well as a first time artist at number one! Check it out!

The Hot 12 ** Show #38

After a brief hiatus, D Duane is back at the Nations Only Urban Countdown with the 12 Hottest Hits and some blazing hot Old School Jams! Wait till you hear this one Yall!

The Hot 12 ** Show #36

D Duane is at it again with the 12 Hottest Hits in the country this summer! Mixed with some Blazing Old School cuts and check out what’s trending in the entertainment biz with “What Tha Heyyy”! Another great show!

The Hot 12 ** Show #35b

D Duane is Back at it Again! Presenting Today’s Blazing Hot Summer Hits Mixed with some Cool and Icy Old School Jams! Top that with Trending Entertainment News along with some of that Funny stuff to make you Laugh AND Bob your Head! Check it out!

The Hot 12 * Show #34

D Duane returns with another Hot installment of the Hot 12 Countdown. Also TLC returns to the mix and Bruno Mars discusses how he made the 24K album! You gotta check this one out! As usual, It’s Hot!

The Hot 12 * Show #32

The summer ends with one of our hottest countdowns ever! This show is what the summer of 2016 Sounded like along with some blazing old school jams that we know you’re gonna love. D. Duane does it again on the Hot 12. com!

The Hot 12 * Show #31

Another Blazin Summertime Countdown as D Duane reveals a New Artist at the Number One Spot! Plus some unforgettable Old School Cuts from days gone by. Enjoy!

The Hot 12 * Show #29

Kickin off the Summer of 2016 with some excellent new artists on the rise as well as some blazing Old School Hits. D. Duane does it again! The 12 hottest hits in the nation right now and right here on The Hot 12 .com.
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